Nominations for Officers and Trustees of the Deep-Sea Biology Society (Deadline: 31/07/2018)

There are 15 positions on the board of Officers and Trustees of the Deep-Sea Biology Society. 14 of these are currently filled, and all positions are up for election at the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Deep-Sea Biology Society. The 2018 AGM will be held at 6.30pm on 12th September 2018 during the 15th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium at the Monterey Conference Centre, 1 Portola Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940, USA. We would like to encourage all members interested to consider standing for a position. These are important roles that will help to shape the future of deep-sea biology research, education and professional development.

The procedure is that nominations must be sent directly to the current Secretary, Dr Diva Amon ( by 31 July 2018. Each nomination should include the candidate’s written agreement (email is acceptable) for nomination and a short statement (less than 200 words) describing their interest in the position.

Positions open for nominations (closing 31 July 2018):

Executive (Officer) roles:

President. From the constitution: ‘The President shall be the principal officer of the DSBS and shall in general supervise and have charge of all of the affairs of the DSBS pursuant to the direction and oversight of the trustees.’ In less formal terms, the main duties of the President are providing leadership and a strategic direction for the Society, chairing Trustee Meetings and the AGM, and writing the President’s Letter twice per year.

Secretary. From the constitution: ‘The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Trustees and membership meetings; maintain such minutes…see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the CIO or as required by law…’. In less formal terms, the Secretary is a vital voting member of the Trustees that not only is responsible for arranging and minuting meetings but also that the Society is following the Law under our status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Treasurer. From the constitution: ‘The Treasurer shall exercise oversight over all financial business, including funds and securities of the CIO…’. In less formal terms, the Treasurer is a key role with oversight and administration of all financial matters.

Membership Secretary and Data Protection Officer. From the constitution: ‘The Membership Secretary shall oversee every aspect of the membership process including but not limited to: approve, or in special cases present to the trustees, qualifications for membership; ensure members pay membership fees…’. In less formal terms, the Membership Secretary will be mainly responsible for all membership issues including administration of the Society membership software (a web platform called Wild Apricot). The role has been expanded to include the position of Data Protection Officer, which is in charge of ensuring that the society applies laws protecting individuals’ personal data.

Vice President for Conferences. From the constitution: ‘The Vice President for Conferences shall oversee the planning, funding, and hosting of the triennial Deep-Sea Biology meeting. The Vice President of Conferences should be from the institution and/or geographic locality of the meeting. The Vice President of Conferences may call committees to accomplish specific tasks as related to the meeting.’ In less formal terms, the VP Conferences is responsible for ensuring that the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium takes place and would be the lead of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of that Symposium, providing a link between the Society, its Trustees, Membership and the LOC. This position is not open for nominations except via submission of a bid to host the 16th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium.

Vice President for Awards. From the constitution: ‘Vice President for Awards shall oversee the process for nomination, judging, and awarding of travel awards, student awards, honorary memberships, and other awards.’

Vice President for Public Affairs and Communication. From the constitution: ‘Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications shall oversee the creation and maintenance of the society’s website, social media, press releases, and other public statements on behalf of the society…They will develop and maintain a social media strategy as approved by the Trustees.’ In less formal terms, the VP Public Affairs and Communication is responsible for the website, social media presence and contributions to the Deep-Sea Life Newsletter.

Vice President for Development. From the constitution: ‘Vice President for Development shall support the financial development of the Society by supporting charitable giving to the Society including endowments, grants and links to philanthropic organisations.’.

Early-Career Officer. From the constitution: ‘The Early-Career Officer shall represent the Early-Career Researcher interests of the Society in all trustees meetings. The Representative will assist with the Societies mission to further the professional development of Early-Career Researchers e.g. through mentoring programs and awards, as well as facilitate communication to Early-Career Researchers within and beyond the Society, and support the demographic diversity of the Early-Career membership of the Society’. Early-Career is defined as post-PhD but pre-tenure, or equivalent permanent position.

Student Officer. From the constitution: ‘The Student Officer shall represent the student interests of the Society in all trustees meetings. The Student Representative will assist with the process of awards for student accomplishment at the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium, facilitate communication with student members about opportunities within and beyond the Society, will act to support the demographic diversity of the student membership of the Society’.

Non-executive (Trustee) roles:

Past-President. From the constitution: ‘The Past-President shall assist the President as needed, and provide continuity to the trustees.

Trustees without designated roles. From the constitution: ‘There are a maximum of 4 additional Trustees without designated roles. These trustees will support the charity with specific roles and cast votes on issues requiring Trustee support.’. In less formal terms, these important positions are there to provide guidance, voting and oversight of the Executive Officers.

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