Monique Boulanger


How I got interested in the deep-sea. We’ll I was 8 years old and on a school trip to the Royal British Columbia Museum. They wanted us to go look at the Indigenous exhibit (This was back in the 80’s, well before they repatriated the artifacts). Well, the Indigenous exhibit didn’t sit well with me so I wandered off to the open Ocean exhibit and fell in love with all the strange creatures that lit up as I rode the elevator that was the exhibit.  I’ve been captivated ever since.
I imagine Deep-sea biological sciences ca help with medical science. We only know a very small fraction of what is down there, who knows, there might be a microbial community that can cure cancer for all we know.
Bridging Art and science takes something (science) and makes it more approachable for the general public. Science communications can only do so much to relay what we find down there, but add art, add how *we* see the deep and its creatures,  takes that level of fear of the unknown away, and adds charisma to species that really aren’t very charismatic to begin with. As Zefrank said in his Anglerfish video , “Rainbows of Ugly”, and since humans are loathe to help critters that they find unattractive,  it’s up to us to change those views.
Benthic Aquascape Created in Adobe Fresco on a Huion Tablet