Nicole Nageli

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Artist statement

Growing up in landlocked Colorado, Nicole had a deep love for ocean exploration. The boundless depths of the ocean became a defining aspect of her journey into art, science, and storytelling. As a multiple award-winning storyteller and computer science major, Nicole uses her artistic and technological skills for scientific advancement.

During her 2023 NASA internship, Nicole created 3D animated concepts for a potential deep-sea mission to Europa & Enceladus. Nicole’s creative projects extend into video games, 2D animated short films, character design, illustrations, and comics – all expressions of her profound love for deep-sea exploration.

Earth’s last frontier not only harbors life but reveals its ability to thrive in unexpected, harsh environments. We can gain insight on biodiversity and potential extraterrestrial life. This knowledge provides inspiration for biologically-based medical and technological advancements. By pushing artistic and technological boundaries, we not only enrich our understanding of the deep sea but also foster groundbreaking discoveries.

Art and science are the tools we use to explore the world. Both require observing and analyzing, then applying new ideas through experimentation. Experimentation leads to discovery!


Deep Sea Animated Short Film: 

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