Jessica Eggers

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Artist Biography

I am a pen and ink artist inspired by nature, particularly the sea and the sky, and strive to capture the magnificence of the natural world in my drawings. Through my art, I want to convey wonder and share the insights gained from my studies in marine science and fisheries management.
My fascination with the deep sea stems from a profound interest in the otherworldly. In my youth, I dreamed of exploring distant planets, but as I learned more about the ocean, I realized that ‘aliens’ have always been among us. Hydrothermal vents, for instance, revealed the possibility of life existing on entirely different principles from those we previously understood. Each new exploration of ocean trenches uncovers novel species and forms, providing endless inspiration.
However, sharing a planet with us can pose significant challenges for deep-sea ecosystems. Even though much remains unexplored, humans have already had a profound impact on this habitat and its inhabitants. It is therefore crucial to establish guidelines, policies, and preventive measures to safeguard the deep sea even before we fully comprehend its complexity. My work in marine policy underscores the need for intricate and diplomatic solutions to global issues like seabed exploration and climate change mitigation.
Utilizing art as a medium for communication, I aim to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the deep sea in the hope of raising greater public awareness and inspire greater appreciation and advocacy for the preservation of this habitat and its creatures. As Jacques Cousteau once said, “We can only truly love what we understand, and we can only understand what we are taught.” Through my art, I strive to contribute to this educational process and foster a deeper connection between humanity and the remarkable lifeforms far beneath the waves.


Jessica Eggers – Hydrothermal Vent

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