Delphine Mestdagh

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Artist Statement

I see myself as an armchair explorer, traveling the world looking for beauty in places where beauty is believed not to be found, places that are invisible to the human eye.

The world under the sea is the largest on Earth and the deeper you dive, the more mysterious it becomes.

I explored this extreme habitat and made portraits of the so-called “monsters of the deep”. An unjust reputation in my opinion.

They are among the most unloved creatures in the world and I wanted to change that.

I want to open eyes for this unknown world and shine some light into the darkness to show mankind how amazing this habitat and animals really are.

During the making of my series I got better acquainted with all those magnificent animals, so I also began to write my first book: Beyond The Twilightzone” (available now!). I found marine biologists who were willing to help me. They read and corrected my work, their contribution really meant a lot and made my work scientifically correct. The importance of bridging Art & Science for me is to introduce a broad audience to the wonders of the unknown worlds. To inspire people and become an ambassador for the inhabitants of these vast and enigmatic worlds. As an artist I can’t do this by myself. The world needs scientists and their efforts to map the world, to learn about all the riches and to protect them. And we need artists to further spread the beauty and wonders. We, scientists and artists, are all  inspired by the same marvels the world has to offer.

Eyes today are fixed on the oceans, for ecological reasons as well as economical ones, with my artworks I want to make sure that the animals of the deep sea won’t be forgotten.


  • Delphine’s first book “Beyond The Twilightzone” is printed and available for purchase and gifting, e.g. on amazon.
Eptatetrus stoutii
Eptatetrus stoutii (10-1000m) “hagfish”
2022, Oil on canvas, 29 X 20,5 cm

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