Research Support

Annual Deadline: 30th April

Maximum award: £ 2000 (GBP) to an individual applicant

These awards are designed to support the professional development of deep-sea biology researchers who do not currently have permanent employment, through supporting research activities. This includes students, post-docs, and those without current employment. The scheme provides up to a maximum of £2000 to an individual researcher towards activities that can enhance career prospects. Funds can be spent on travel, lab consumables, research-related fees (such as for sequencing costs or access to specialist services or facilities), but does not provide salary support for the applicant. Supported activities include, but are not limited to, collaborative travel visits, training, oceanographic cruise participation and laboratory work. The bursaries are open to any members of the Society that are without permanent employment, or exceptionally members from countries that are historically excluded from deep sea research. 

We also accept spontaneous applications at any time for urgent funds to support participation in deep sea cruises. To apply for cruise support, please use the same form above, but you must also email the DSBS Awards Officer ( The form responses are not monitored outside of the normal annual deadline.

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