Carlos Hiller

Artist Statement

As an artist portraying the Pacific Ocean, I have been drawn to the unique challenge of capturing the mysterious and often unexplored deep-sea environments on my own canvas. The ocean´s depths are less explored and understood, providing me with an opportunity to create art that stands out and sparks curiosity.

The deep sea holds an inherent fascination for many people. My own exploration of these depths through my art allows me to express the intrigue and wonder that these uncharted areas evoke.

By painting scenes from these depths, I can help bringing attention to the importance of conserving these fragile environments and the unique life forms that inhabit them.

Being close to the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica, I am likely more attuned to the importance of the marine environment. As I delved into depicting deeper sea scenes, I have become increasingly aware of the need to protect all layers of the ocean, including the abyssal depths.

Deep-sea biological sciences can lead to the discovery of new and unique species,

helping us gain a deeper understanding of deep-sea ecosystems, including their interdependencies, food webs, and environmental conditions. This knowledge is crucial for developing effective conservation strategies like creating conservation policies and protected marine reserves to safeguard these ecosystems from negative impacts of human activities in the deep sea, such as deep-sea mining and fishing.

The discoveries and insights from deep-sea research can be a powerful tool to inspire people to care about the ocean and support conservation efforts. Artist’s work can play a complementary role in conveying the beauty and significance of the deep sea to a broader audience.

There’s a potential for collaboration between scientists and artists. Art can visually communicate the findings and wonders of deep-sea research, making scientific discoveries more accessible and engaging to the public.


  • Carlos is a painter-at-sea, and illustrated encounters during the Octopus Odyssey 2023, on board of Schmidt Ocean Institute’s R/V Falkor (too)
  • Read about Carlos as a Schmidt Ocean Institute Alumni.
Contemplando el Abismo
Contemplando el Abismo
Acrylic on Canvas 81cm x 66cm
Painted on board R/V Falkor (too)
Schmidt Ocean Institute
Octopus Odyssey 2023

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