Art & Science

To foster the bridging of science and art, we invite professional artists ans scientists to share their talents with us and the world, and to help bring more arts and new, engaging perspectives into the deep-sea community. Be it painting, craft, sculpture, music, dance, embroidery or any other medium, productions related to deep-sea life and biology will likely be of interest to the Society and beyond! The Society is poised to:

  • Promote art at events and on products (e.g., DSBSoc t-shirts)
  • Connect artists, scientists, and educators to develop teaching materials and promote science communication
  • Expose members to new sources of inspiration for more impactful science communication to a broad audience
  • Offers guest memberships to the Society for Artists of all kinds

To tell us about deep-sea arts and how you or other artists could be involved, please use, contact our Officers for Development (Erik Cordes, and Communications (Franck Lejzerowicz,, or feed into the #education-outreach-arts channel of the DBSoc Slack.

Deep ocean life is most inspiring – let’s reveal its wonders with an additional hint of awe!

For any other question, please email Alexis Weinnig at the Secretary (