The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) Update

[from Deep-Sea Life Vol 13]

The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) has completed two seminal documents for the Project.
These are available from the Project’s website:

2019 DOOS Science and Implementation Guide (SIG): The SIG has been written to bring focus to the vision and primary activities of DOOS. The DOOS Project will use this document to guide sponsor and stakeholder focus toward primary scientific, technology, data, and demonstration activities that will result in a globally integrated network of systems that observe the deep ocean effectively in support of strong science, policy, and planning for sustainable oceans.

This document describes the Project’s goals and objectives including its relationship to GOOS and other endeavors focused on the deep ocean. An overview of activities related to defining requirements is also provided, including those related to the definition of EOVs, sensor and platform maturation, and the adoption of FAIR data principles. The report also describes additional core project activities including the ongoing online inventory, and a wide range of coordination initiatives.

Ocean Obs ’19 CWP: Global Observing Needs of the Deep Ocean: Leading up to the Ocean Observation 2019 Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, ocean observing stakeholders were asked to submit abstracts for Community White Papers (CWP).

The Obs ‘19 Program Committee then combined related abstracts into common papers. This paper is the result of the Deep Ocean CWP: “Global Observing Needs of the Deep Ocean” combining the work 38 authors from eight separate abstracts.

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