Multidisciplinary scientific cruise to the Rio Grande Rise

[from Deep-Sea Life Vol 13]

Jovane, L., Hein, J.R., Yeo, I.A., Benites, M., Bergo, N.M., Correa, P.V.F., Couto, D.D.M., Guimarães, A.D.F., Howarth, S.A., Miguel, H., Mizell, K.L. (2019)

 Frontiers in Marine Science, 6: 252

 In this cruise report, we detail the geophysical, hydrographic, geological, oceanographic, and ecological surveys carried out onboard the N/Oc Alpha Crucis of the Instituto Oceanográfico da Universidade de São Paulo during 22 days (28 January 2018 to 19 February 2018) to Rio De Grande (RDG). The goal of the RDG cruise (RDG1) was to gather multidisciplinary data to supplement and expand previous environmental studies of RGR, to serve as baseline data on understanding Fe-Mn deposit formation, and environmental assessments for possible future mining activities on the RGR.

Figure 1. Location map of the operations performed during the oceanographic expedition RGR1 to Rio Grande Rise on board the research vessel Alpha Crucis (Universidade de São Paulo). High resolution bathymetry was performed during the cruise. GC, gravity corer; DR, dredge; BC, box-corer.

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