Deep-Sea PhD Opportunities, Southampton, UK

[from the INDEEP mailing list]

Deep-sea PhD Opportunities at University of Southampton/NOC – The deadline for applications to be received is 8 January 2015.

Open oceans, open data: biodiversity and policy in the global deep-sea mining frontier
Supervisors: Dr Jon Copley, Dr Adrian Glover (Natural History Museum) – Lead, Dr Maria Baker (UoS, Ocean & Earth Science)

Regional habitat and faunal diversity on the Angolan Margin
Supervisors: Dr Daniel Jones, Dr Claudio Lo Iacono, Dr Brian Bett

A metabolic theory of deep-sea ecology
Supervisors: Dr Brian Bett, Dr Daniel Jones, Dr Adrian Martin, Dr Sven Thatje, Dr Henry Ruhl

Taxonomy and biogeography of deep-sea peracarid crustaceans of the African continental margin
Supervisors: Dr Tammy Horton, Dr Andrew Gates, Miranda Lowe (Natural History Museum), Gordon Paterson (Natural History Museum)

What is the role of microbes in deep-sea nodule formation?
Supervisors: Professor Rachel Mills, Prof Mike Zubkov, Dr Doug Connelly

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