Deep-sea Life newsletter submissions due by April 30th

[From the INDEEP mailing list]

Have you been on a cruise lately or are you working on an interesting project?  Have you recently published a paper or been to any interesting meetings or workshops?  Do you have a pressing opinion about the deep-sea you wish to share with colleagues?  Or perhaps you may wish to introduce yourself to the community via a Scientist Profile?  Do you wish to appeal to the community for specimens, equipment or new staff?

The good news is, you still have 2 weeks to submit a short text (250 or 500 words) for the May issue of Deep-Sea Life!  See email below for submission details.

We are looking forward to receiving your stories and thank you in advance for your input and support for this informal publication which is circulated widely and enjoyed by many.

Kind regards,

Maria, Eva and Abi

DSL Editorial Team

Deadline for submission is 30th April in time for May publication. Email submissions to Maria Baker at

A few reminders for submission:

  • Strict deadline for final submission but we would encourage early submissions to give us time for editing and production
  • ~250 words or ~500 words for longer pieces (so they fit nicely onto the page!)- we like short and punchy!
  • Font Calibri Body text size 12, Title size 16
  • Include relevent photos or graphs or photos of yourself etc.
  • Include any relevant web and/or email address for readers to contact you
  • Please encourage any students you have to submit text (with photo) for the scientist profile section – it may help them to find a post-doc in future!  Feel free to submit your own profile piece too!

Here is a reminder of the sections:

  • Hot off the Press (new papers)
  • Cruise News
  • Project Focus (tell us how you are getting on with on-going project or advertise a new venture)
  • News (e.g. from NGOs, industry, policy etc. or anything else)
  • Meetings and Workshops
  • It’s your opinion
  • Scientist Profiles (not just students!)
  • Opportunities (cruise berths, jobs, training opportunities, funding options etc.)
  • Wanted section – e.g. specimens, equipment, people etc.
  • Obituaries


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