Deep-Sea Community Request for Fauna Images

[From the INDEEP mailing list]

Thank you for your previous support and generosity in donating photos for our Deep Sea ID app ( It has already proved to be a valuable tool for educating a wide variety of people about the diversity of deep-sea life.

We are currently putting together another update and have ~100 new photos. However, we are always looking for more high-quality images and any contributions would be most gratefully received. We are particularly in need of photos of molluscs, nematodes & sponges. It has also been surprisingly difficult to get a good image of a chaetognath so if you have one that could fill the gap please get in touch! In addition, the smaller meiofaunal and parasitic taxa are currently under-represented.

If you can help then please contact the team by emailing:

Best wishes,

Dr. Nicholas Higgs (INDEEP WG1)

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