Mendeley Collection of literature on Deep-Sea Mining

[From the INDEEP mailing list]

With the generous help of undergraduate biology student Daniëlle de Jonge from the University of Groningen, Netherlands, the DOSI and INDEEP community now have a comprehensive library containing over 200 papers on a variety of aspects of deep-sea mining.  We decided to use Mendeley as a platform for this library as it is simple to access and a good tool for future collaboration.

Please let me know if any papers are missing from this library and I will add them. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Mendeley Reference Manager tool, Daniëlle has provided a brief manual below to get you started.

Kind regards

Maria Baker

Manual for the Mendeley library with literature on Deep Sea Mining.

Welcome to the Mendeley library with literature on Deep Sea Mining. This is a quick manual for using the library. Mendeley provides useful video tutorials on their website:

This library is new, so feedback is welcome! Please send any comments to Maria.

— How to get access —

  1. Create a Mendeley account (free) –
  2. Go to the Mendeley website and search for ‘Literature on Deep Sea Mining’
  3. Choose ‘Follow group’
  4. In the browser you can now see the latest updates, members (only the moderators), and all papers. You cannot see the different subfolders which contain papers clustered around 7 different topics.
  5. To easily browse the papers, go to your personal online library (tab ‘My Library’). Here you are able to the different subfolders and browse easily through them.
  6. Download the Mendeley Desktop to access and browse the references offline.

— How to browse —

There are 7 different folders covering several topics. You can browse the references per folder or search using keywords. When using search, Mendeley will search the folder you are currently in. Every main folder also includes all references present in the subfolders (so the folder ‘Literature on Deep Sea Mining’ contains all available references). Mendeley will filter according to tags and words in the title and abstract. It is also possible to rearrange the list alphabetically by author,  title, year of publication, journal, and addition date.

— How to make changes in the references —

If you have a paper to add, or correction to be made please send an email to Maria and she will implement the changes.

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