The 2016 PAP cruise is over


compressed cruise photo_croppedThe scientists & engineers onboard DY050

Hello, I am Mark Stinchcombe and I am the Principle Scientific Officer (or PSO for short) on the PAP cruise. Although I have taken part in well over 20 research cruises in my 12 years at the NOC, this is my first as PSO….Now the cruise has come to an end and we are steaming back to Southampton and I can take some time to look back and reflect on what we have achieved. We have completed 124 stations in only 15 days and this couldn’t be possible without the amazing show of teamwork that exists on board a research ship. We have deployed 11 CTDs, 13 megacores, 41 marine snow catchers, 10 SAPs, 17 camera frames and 2 trawls. We have had 10 PELAGRA deployments, 4 mooring deployments and 5 recoveries. Everyone has worked extremely hard through-out the cruise and there will be some great science produced from the samples collected.

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