Big Ocean data Button Challenge

XPRIZE is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Big Ocean Button Challenge on HeroX – a $100,000 mobile app development competition to turn ocean data into the products and services we need. There is so much ocean data being collected, but so little being used by society. The Big Ocean Button Challenge is part of our ongoing impact work for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE to catalyze more ocean services, and it is part of our vision for the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative to make our ocean healthy, valued and understood.

Big Ocean Button Challenge on HeroX — Developing Mobile Apps to Unlock Ocean Data

What: A competition to develop mobile apps using ocean data sets. A total of $100,000 in prizes will be awarded for apps in the following categories: Fishing, Shipping and Trade, Ocean Acidification, Public Safety, and Exploration.

Why: Bring app developers to the trove of available ocean data in order to catalyze the growth of a potentially multi-billion-dollar industry in ocean data products.

How: Develop mobile apps that unlock ocean data for public and/or private benefit, while supporting responsible use and protection of our ocean.

When: Prize launched November 2016. Teams register and submit app concepts by 31 March 2017. Public voting on concepts in Spring 2017. Semifinalists submit apps by 31 August 2017. Finalists submit second version of apps in Fall 2017. Winners announced in late 2017/early 2018.

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