Holographic imaging of marine snow

At Henry Ruhl’s blog on their research on the Porcupine Abyssal Plain, he discusses imaging marine snow.  Head over and visit a great blog by Ruhl and his students.

Holographic images are not only a novelty type of photography, but are great for making detailed measurements from images. We’ve brought along our LISST-HOLO camera (made by Sequoia Scientific, Inc.), which can make holographic images of marine snow. The camera uses a laser to illuminate a small volume of water. The imager then takes a series if images that are slices of 3 dimensional space. These images see the ‘light field’ generated by the laser light and objects in the viewing path. Together, these slices are the hologram. It’s not easy to see what’s there from the slices alone, so we use software to ‘flatten’ the slices into a single image.


Source: Holographic imaging of marine snow

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