The first big dataset from the deep-sea NW Pacific is now available worldwide

[From Deep-Sea Life 11, available here]

Hanieh Saeedi* and Angelika Brandt
Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum; Department of Marine Zoology, Germany
* Postdoctoral Researcher & OBIS Data Manager, Deep-Sea Node

Our first data mining and mobilization attempt for the NW Pacific deep-sea benthos (Biogeography of the NW Pacific deep-sea fauna and their possible future invasions into the Arctic Ocean, Beneficial Project) has been successfully published in OBIS in April 2018.

Figure 1. Coordinate midpoints of all stations from three cruises
Figure 1. Coordinate midpoints of all stations from three cruises

We mined and mobilized 5,770 unique deep-sea taxa records, with 1,319 records at the species level and 1,795 at the genus level (more than 50% at the species and genus level, the rest are at the higher taxa level, mostly family, order, and class) from our three deep-sea cruises in the NW Pacific, including SojaBio (Sea of Japan), SokhoBio (Sea of Okhotsk), and KuramBio I (Kuril Kamchatka Trench). We already almost tripled the available deep-sea data records in OBIS for the NW Pacific from 1,936 to 6,000 records. We believe that this is a great achievement and a very significant contribution to the deep-sea community. We also published 5,626 measurement records related to the abiotic factors, abundance data, and species morphometrics for the 3 cruises, which can all be used in future deepsea studies. The access link to the published dataset may be found here.

We also held the second Beneficial Project workshop on “deep-sea data mobilization and quality control of the NW Pacific fauna” at Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center (BiK-F), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from 16-18 April 2018. We had 24 participants and Leen Vandepitte, Thomas Lanssens and Hanieh Saeedi from WoRMS and OBIS were the trainers. Our workshop aimed at training the deep-sea scientists on how to prepare, manage, and quality check their data before submission
to OBIS.

Figure 2. A group photo of the workshop
Figure 2. A group photo of the workshop

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