Frontiers in Marine Ecosystem Ecology – upcoming topic on “Modelling the Plankton”

In collaboration with Frontiers in Marine Science, section Marine
Ecosystem Ecology, we are organizing a Research Topic titled “Modelling
the plankton – enhancing the integration of biological knowledge and
mechanistic understanding”.

Mathematical models have become an important tool with a wide range of
application in marine science. However more recent biological knowledge
and mechanistic understanding is often not reflected in those models.
Examples include, but are certainly not limited to, meroplanktonic organisms, such as gelatinous plankton and other and mis- or underrepresented functional groups.

To improve the representation of these fundamental building blocks in
marine numerical models we invite you to contribute to this Research Topic.

These challenges can be addressed by different approaches, each with
their own merits. Therefore we invite contributions from diverse schools
of modelling, theoretical and experimental approaches.

Please find more information regarding this Research Topic below.

Note the abstract submission deadline for this Research Topic: Feb 01, 2016.

Please circulate this information to any colleagues who you think would
be interested in contributing.

With best regards,

Dag L. Aksnes,
Kevin J. Flynn,
Susanne Menden-Deuer,
Christian Lindemann

Topic Editors, Frontiers in Marine Science

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