DOSI Deep-Sea Ecology Lecture Series – The Speaking Textbook

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The Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI), supported by INDEEP (, is building a series of lectures on the fundamentals of deep-sea ecology and issues surrounding the stewardship of our deep oceans. These lectures are delivered by experts from across the globe, thereby giving everyone with access to the internet and an interest in this exciting ocean realm the opportunity to learn from the masters, at their own pace and for free! Further lectures will be added to this channel with time. So far we have the following lectures available for you to enjoy and share with your students and colleagues:

  • An overview of the deep-sea fauna – David Thistle, Florida State University, USA
  • Dumping in Marine Environments – Eva Ramriez-Llodra, NIVA, Norway
  • Genetic structure and connectivity of deep-sea vent populations – Bob Vrijenhoek, MBARI, USA
  • Deep-Sea Corals – Sandra Brooke, Florida State University, USA
  • Pacific Islands: Deep-Sea Minerals – Hannah Lily, Commonwealth Secretariat, UK
  • Balancing the value of living and non-living resources in the deep-sea – Linwood Pendleton, Duke Marine Lab, USA (please note – we have a technical issue with this video so it will appear online as soon as we manage to fix it – apologies)

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