Comments needed for World Ocean Assessment Review

[from the INDEEP mailing list]

Further to my previous emails on this subject (see first one below), the World Ocean Assessment Review process (via the U.S. system) is now open TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and the deadline for comments is 6th February 2015.

Log on or register at   Remember to read the “Guidance for Contributors” and then choose the chapter(s) you are interested in and submit your review(s) according to the instructions. Chapters are approximately 15 pages long.

This is your final opportunity to read over and comment on the first World Ocean Assessment (WOA) – a comprehensive overview of the oceanic environment which comprises nearly 50 topics grouped within four main themes: biophysical aspects of the marine environment, food security and safety, human activities that influence the ocean, and marine biological diversity and habitats. The first WOA report will include a technical summary showing interdisciplinary linkages between human impacts, ecosystem services, species, and habitats. The WOA report will not appraise marine policy and governance. All members of the community with interests in the report content are encouraged to participate in the review process.

Please feel free to distribute this information broadly and contact Kelly Kryc ( if you have any questions about the process.

I hope that many of you will wish to contribute to this important review process in order to ensure this first baseline report is robust and representative.

A few examples of chapters that may be relevant to the deep-sea community are:

  • Chapter 23 – Offshore mining industries
  • Chapter 24 – Solid waste disposal
  • Chapter 25 – Marine debris
  • Chapter 29 – The use of marine genetic resources
  • Chapter 30 – Marine scientific research
  • Chapter 31 – Conculsions on other human activitiesChapter 33 – Introduction to Assessment of marine biological diversity and habitats
  • Chapter 34 – Scale of marine biological diversity
  • Chapter 35 – Extent of assessment of marine biological diversity
  • Chapter 36 – Overall status of major groups of species and habitats
  • Chapter 42 – Cold-water corals
  • Chapter 45 – Open-ocean deep-sea biomass
  • Chapter 46 – Hydrothermal vents and cold seeps
  • Chapter 52 – Seamounts and other submarine geological features potentially threatened by disturbance
  • Chapter 53 – Significant environmental, economic and/or social aspects in relation to the conservation of marine species and habitats
  • Chapter 55 – Summary on marine biological diversity
  • Chapter 56 – Overall assessment of human impact on the oceans
  • Chapter 57 – Overall value of the oceans to humans


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