Campaign to support California’s deep-sea ecosystems – sign by July 6th

Dear Colleagues,

We have a significant opportunity to achieve greater protection for deep-sea features off the California coast. Please join us ( in sending a clear message to Senator Boxer that the marine science community supports stronger measures for conserving the offshore and deep-sea ecosystems of California by July 6.

Dear Senator Boxer,

We urge you to support strong protections for a system of deep-sea seamounts, banks and ridges in federal waters off the California coast. These ancient, undersea islands, extinct volcanoes and deep-sea mountain ridges support a diversity of rare and unique species and host concentrations of a variety of marine wildlife….

Satie Airame, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Barbara Block, PhD Stanford University
Mark Carr, PhD, UC Santa Cruz
Larry Crowder, PhD, Stanford University
Giulio De Leo, PhD, Stanford University
Paul Dayton, PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Steven Gaines, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Douglas McCauley, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Brian Gaylord, PhD, UC Davis
Tessa Hill, PhD, UC Davis
Lisa Levin, PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Fiorenza Micheli, PhD, Stanford University
Steve Murray, PhD, Cal State Fullerton
Steve Palumbi, PhD, Stanford University
Ed Parnell, PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Pete Raimondi, PhD UC Santa Cruz
Robert Warner, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Les Watling, PhD, University of Hawaii
Dawn Wright, PhD, Oregon State University
Lance Morgan, PhD, Marine Conservation Institute

You can read the entire letter and sign-on to show your support by clicking below.

I want to support California’s deep-sea ecosystems:

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