6 days left to answer the Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystem Principle Survey.

Dear INDEEP members,


6 days left to answer the Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystem Principle Survey.


For those with expertise in hydrothermal vent ecosystems, we kindly request your participation in our expert judgment process. The project aims to establish ecosystem principles for active hydrothermal vents that explain the ecosystem services provided by hydrothermal vents and the underlying processes upon which the services depend.


The expert judgement process begins with a survey (see link below) to be completed by November 21st 2016. You will receive a similar survey in January 2017, which asks for additional refinement to the principles selected.


The survey should take you < 15 minutes and is best accessed through a computer monitor (not a smartphone or tablet). Further information on the survey, the expert judgment process, and your role in the research are included on the first page of the survey.


Link: Ecosystem Principles of Hydrothermal Vents – Survey


Lastly, if you know of any colleagues who would be interested in taking this survey, we encourage you to forward this email to them.


Thank you for your time, we greatly appreciate your participation.


Patrick Collins, Amy Freitag, Andrew Thaler, Phillip Turner

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