iMirabilis2: Deep-Sea Discovery Training at your Desktop!

[From Deep-Sea Life 17]

Kelsey Archer Barnhill

School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh


This July, iAtlantic project scientists will embark on a six-week cruise to explore the deep sea around Cabo Verde. Sailing on the Spanish Research Vessel Sarmiento de Gamboa, this cruise is much more than a scientific mission: a large part of the expedition’s activities will be dedicated to training and skills development for early career marine scientists.

Leg 0: Early Career Researcher Capacity Building
iAtlantic Fellows on the ship will undergo intensive training in the use of ROV technology. A small team of seabird ecologists will also use this time for hands-on training and experience in seabird surveying and census techniques.

Leg 1: Investigating Deep-Sea Ecosystems around Cabo Verde
With ROV Luso, Autosub6000, benthic landers and a range of other sampling gear and experimental kit on board, the team will investigate what lies in the deep Atlantic waters around Cabo Verde. Main goals include better understanding seafloor habitat distributions across the Atlantic basin, revealing past environmental conditions in the deep ocean, and understanding how trends and changes in the ocean affect ecosystems.

Everyone is invited

Capacity building is at the heart of the iMirabilis2 expedition. The ethos for this mission are to maximise opportunities to exchange knowledge, teach new skills, build capacity, and share experiences. The iMirabilis2 expedition will have a dedicated area on the iAtlantic website (, where learning materials, explainers and videos of the work at sea will be available, along with a daily blog from the team on board the ship. You will also be able to follow all the action via our Twitter feed (

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