InterRidge Working Group at 14th DSB Symposium

InterRidge Working Group on Ecological Connectivity and Resilience
Meeting: Tuesday 1 September, 12:45, Pequeno Auditório
DSBS participants,
We invite you to an open meeting of our working group, established in January 2015. 
Objective of WG
Generate a synthesis of scientific data on vent community connectivity. The intent is to assemble a group of objective scientists with broad expertise in this field (including physical oceanography, larval biology, environmental geochemistry, microbial ecology, population genetics, metacommunity dynamics and biogeography) to assemble existing data, interpret it in the context of human disturbance, and disseminate it to the scientific community, the public, and policy makers.  Part of this effort will be to identify and evaluate potential ecosystem services from vent communities. Use the data synthesis to identify gaps in our knowledge and facilitate international cooperation in future research in fields relevant to this topic. (for more information see our
Objective of open meeting
1) Refine the goals and the content of the papers to be produced
2) Identify task leaders, interested participants, their roles, and a timeline
Join us if you are interested in participating!
Anna Metaxas and Lauren Mullineaux

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