Challenger Conference 2016: Oceans and Climate

Challenger Conference 2016: Oceans and Climate

We are pleased to announce the next biennial Challenger Society for Marine Science conference will be held in Liverpool 5th to 8th September 2016. Session proposals from all aspects of marine sciences, ocean technology and marine policy are invited before the deadline of 1200 (UTC) Wednesday December 16th 2015. Session proposers should provide a title, list of conveners (4 maximum) and session description (100-300 words) via email to including the proposer’s name and session title in the email subject e.g. “Smith J.: Deep Ocean Physics”. This email is for session submissions only.

The conference committee will consider all proposals and a call for abstracts under the successful sessi! on programme will be announced in February 2016. Where significant overlap exists between proposed sessions the committee will approach conveners to arrange joint or amalgamated sessions. The conference will provide space for up to 24 sessions, including oral presentations and dedicated poster sessions with multimedia capability over 3 days.

Space and funding is also available to support special interest groups (SIGs), large project meetings and education/outreach events, with free facilities offered on Monday 5th and Friday 9th September. Please submit proposed events of this type using the same format as for scientific sessions with the subject prefix “SIG:”.

Further enquiries can be made via
We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool next September,

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