3 month research assistantship

A 3-month research assistantship (entry level 1) to be based at University College Dublin to work on biophysical models of deep-sea larval dispersal. The candidate should be competent using MATLAB, have an interest in estimating deep-sea currents and applying these to biological questions of deep-sea ecosystem connectivity.
The post will start in January 2017.
Applicants should apply to Jon Yearsley by email with a CV and cover letter (
jon.yearsley@ucd.ie) before the deadline of  18th November.

This project is part of a the global ocean biodiversity initiative (
http://www.gobi.org/) and is a collaboration with Prof Cindy van Dover (Duke University Marine Laboratory) and Jens Carlson (UCD Earth Institute).

The work will use data from Argo probes to estimate broad patterns of deep sea ocean currents in the Atlantic and use them to drive biophysical models of deep-sea larval dispersal. The basic Matlab scripts are already written, and the project will follow our published approach (
http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0023063). The research assistant would be encouraged to build on the existing method and potentially compare results against results driven by currents from 3D oceanographic models.

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