New Deep-sea mining book

NEW BOOK (see last section contents table for environmental concerns):

Deep-Sea Mining

Resource Potential, Technical and Environmental Considerations

Dr. Rahul Sharma (Editor), National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India, Email:

*   ▶  Broadens understanding of deep seabed mining for mineral resources such as polymetallic nodules, hydrothermal sulphides and ferromanganese crusts

*   ▶  Examines the environmental impacts and proposes an environmental management plan for sustainable mining

*   ▶  Enables readers to gain an overview of the design and development of the technology used for mining activities under extreme environmental conditions

This comprehensive book contains contributions from specialists who provide a complete status update along with outstanding issues encompassing different topics related to deep-sea mining. Interest in exploration and exploitation of deep-sea minerals is seeing a revival due to diminishing grades and increasing costs of processing of terrestrial minerals as well as availability of several strategic metals in seabed mineral resources; it therefore becomes imperative to take stock of various issues related to deep-sea mining.

The authors are experienced scientists and engineers from around the globe developing advanced technologies for mining and metallurgical extraction as well as performing deep sea exploration for several decades. They invite readers to learn about the resource potential of different deep-sea minerals, design considerations and development of mining systems, and the potential environmental impacts of mining in international waters.

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Michael Lodge, International Seabed Authority, Jamaica

Deep-sea minerals – distribution characteristics and their resource potential


Chapter 1

Deep-sea mining: current status and future considerations

Rahul Sharma


Chapter 2

Composition, formation, and occurrence of polymetallic nodules

T. Kuhn, A. Wegorzewski, C. Rühlemann, A. Vink


Chapter 3

Marine Co-rich Ferromanganese Crust Deposits: Description and Formation, Occurrences and Distribution, Estimated World-wide Resources

Peter E. Halbach, Andreas Jahn, Georgy Cherkashov


Chapter 4

Seafloor Massive Sulfide deposits: distribution and prospecting

Georgy Cherkashov


Chapter 5

Submarine phosphorites: the deposits of the Chatham Rise, New Zealand, off Namibia and Baja California, Mexico : origin, exploration, mining and environmental issues

Hermann Kudrass, Ray Wood, Robin Falconer



Predictive mapping of the nodule abundance and mineral resource estimation in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone using artificial neural networks and classical geostatistical methods

Andreas Knobloch, Thomas Kuhn, Carsten Rühlemann, Thomas Hertwig, Karl-Otto Zeissler, Silke Noack


Chapter 7

Statistical Properties of Distribution of Manganese Nodules in Indian and Pacific Oceans and Their Applications in Assessing Commonality Levels and in Exploration Planning

TRP Singh, M. Sudhakar


Chapter 8

Assessment of distribution characteristics of polymetallic nodules and their implications on deep-sea mining

Rahul Sharma


Chapter 9

Fundamental geotechnical considerations for design of deep-sea mining systems

Tetsuo Yamazaki


Chapter 10

Concepts of deep-sea mining technologies

M.A. Atmanand, G. A. Ramadass


Chapter 11

An Application of Ocean Mining Technology – Deep Ocean Water Utilization

Koji Otsuka, Kazuyuki Ouchi

Metallurgical processing and their sustainable development


Chapter 12

Metallurgical Processing of Polymetallic Ocean Nodules

R.P Das, S. Anand


Chapter 13

Sustainable processing of deep-sea polymetallic nodules

P.K. Sen


Chapter 14

Sustainable Development and its Application to Mine Tailings of Deep Sea Minerals

John C. Wiltshire

Environmental concerns of impact of deep-sea mining


Chapter 15

Recent Developments in Environmental Impact Assessment with regard to Mining of Deep-Sea Mineral Resources

Y.Shirayama, H. Itoh, T. Fukushima


Chapter 16

Taxonomic Problems in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) linked to Ocean Mining and Possibility of New Technology Developments

Tomohiko Fukushima, Miyuki Nishijima


Chapter 17

Development of environmental management plan for deep-sea mining

Rahul Sharma


Chapter 18

The crafting of seabed mining ecosystem-based management

Yves Henocque

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