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« TEUTHIS » is my street-art pseudonym, it means « squid » in ancient Greek. I use this name because I have always been fascinated by deep-sea species, especially the cryptic giant squid Architeuthis dux that gave rise to the legend of the Kraken.
After a course in oceanography which led me to specialize in the study of marine biodiversity in Roscoff (France), I have been combining scientific reflection and artistic approach since 2013. I use the theories and techniques of traditional naturalist drawing but I add a more contemporary graphic and dynamic touch. I print my original handmade illustrations on large posters and I paste them on city walls with a large scale.
Today, I know that deep sea ressources arouse appetite : deep seabed mining or deep-sea fishing threaten the biodiversity we barely know. By exposing abyssal creatures in the heart of the city, the general public will be aware of these fragile species and will likely be more sensitive to deep-sea protection. 


Architeuthis dux vs. Physeter macrocephalus »
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris, 2018 

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