Pavanee Angelee Annasawmy

Artist Statement

How did you get interested about the deep sea?

Growing up on Mauritius Island, I have always had a profound connection to the ocean. I remember, as a kid, that my parents used to take me to the beach. My fascination with the deep sea began during my Master’s project at the French research institute IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement). I was introduced to micronekton which consists of deep sea fishes, crustaceans, and squids of 2 to 20 cm in size. The mysteries surrounding these creatures and the big knowledge gaps about their life history, habitats, and migration patterns, sparked my curiosity. This led me to dedicate my studies and career to understanding and shedding light on these enigmatic organisms, contributing to our collective knowledge about the deep sea.

What do you imagine that deep-sea biological sciences can do?

Deep-sea biological sciences is an important field since it can shed new light on understudied ecosystems of the world’s ocean. By developing new tools to explore these depths, we can discover new species, understand their ecological roles, and gain insights into the processes that drive oceanic systems. This knowledge is crucial for the conservation of marine biodiversity and for informing sustainable practices in ocean resource management, especially in the face of anthropogenic disturbances such as climate change, pollution and overfishing.

Why do you think that bridging Art & Science is important?

While scientific articles are important, their reach is limited to a selected few within academic circles. To make a broader impact, we need to engage the general public. The deep ocean, being out of sight, is also out of mind for many people. Deep-sea organisms are underrepresented in popular culture. It is hence important to raise awareness of the deep-sea in a fun and interactive way that will engage members of the general public. By combining art and science, we can create significant educational experiences that resonate with people, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the deep sea


Art opening where Angelee showcased comic book project on the deep ocean,
along with some of the organisms from this book. 

Posts about Angelee’s works soon!