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What is Thinkific and do I need to sign up to watch the talks?

Thinkific is our digital infrastructure for the conference (https://edsbs.thinkific.com/). You need to be signed up to watch all the content of this website. If you are registered in the conference then you have a pre-created Thinkific account. To activate it, please refer to your email for an invitation from Thinkific; follow the instructions and set up a password and you will have access to the platform.

How do I navigate the conference virtual platform?

We have a 2 min. tutorial where you will learn how to navigate and make your experience more pleasant. Login to https://edsbs.thinkific.com/, then go to “Conference Lobby” > “How to navigate this online platform” or just copy and paste the following link: rb.gy/zhzqpi

Where can I watch the talks?

Oral presentations will be LIVE on a Zoom meeting. To access, please login to https://edsbs.thinkific.com/, then go to “Talk Sessions”>”LIVE” or click on the upper left DSBS logo on this page and click the “WATCH LIVE” button on the homepage. All talks will be recorded and uploaded to the Thinkific site on each presenter virtual room in “Talk Sessions”.

Has my abstract been accepted?

Please consult our Abstract Book to confirm your acceptance.

I missed a presentation. Can I watch a recording and ask questions to the presenter?

Yes you can watch all presentation recordings in https://edsbs.thinkific.com/. Login, go to “Talk Sessions” and find the presentation by title. Click on “Watch Presentation”. Each room will have a chat-based Q&A session, you can post your questions there or directly contact the author on the Slack Channel.

Where are the virtual posters?

In https://edsbs.thinkific.com/ you can access our Poster Hall in “Poster Session” and look for the poster by its title.

If you have further questions please email us at meetings@dsbsoc.org