We are very excited about the opportunity to host the 16th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in Brest, France between 12 and 17 of September 2021!

Brest’s history has always been linked to the sea and the oceans. Nowadays, Brest has a leading position in European deep-sea science, technology and industry.

Ifremer has a long experience in deep-sea research and technology with a dedicated deep-sea department (Department of Physical Resources and Deep-Sea Ecosystems-REM), mainly investigating the deep-sea seafloor and the sub-seafloor, biodiversity and the dynamics of deep-sea ecosystems, and the interaction between the biosphere and the geosphere on scales ranging from bacteria to the glacial cycles.

In 1988, Ifremer hosted the 5th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in Brest. After 32 years, there is still an urgent need for rapid technological developments to access, investigate, understand and protect this unique and remote environment. Furthermore, in the last few years anthropogenic pressures in the deep sea have risen exponentially and we are all aware that the deep sea is a treasure of biodiversity, resources and the last frontier on Earth for biomimicry.

For all these reasons, for the 16th Deep-Sea Sea Biology Symposium we would like to propose two associated events (dates for both to be announced soon):

  • A Student Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence and new technologies to describe deep-sea biodiversity”
  • A round Table with scientists, stakeholders and companies about deep-sea biomimicry

As a venue, we would like to propose to you the aquarium Océanopolis (https://www.oceanopolis.com/). Since 1990, Océanopolis has recounted the natural history of the oceans, with a mission of scientific mediation through pedagogy and creativity. Océanopolis is one of the few aquariums in the world showcasing to the general public deep-sea organisms in pressure tanks.

Please visit the official website for the meeting where you can find all the latest information in terms of registrations, abstract submissions and sessions is https://wwz.ifremer.fr/16dsbs

The organizing committee is working hard to ensure participants will have  an enjoyable meeting, filled with social events (Wine & Cheese Poster Session, Outreach events such as deep-sea themed photo exhibitions and theater performances, Excursions, Childcare Support, Healthy Yoga-Breaks, and more surprises to come..!). We are also aware we are in the middle of a global pandemic, hence, travel restrictions might still apply in a year’s time for parts of the world. We are currently considering  different options  in order to ensure full digital access to the  symposium that will allow for the widest participation possible.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Brest next year,

Daniela Zeppilli (Ifremer) and the local organizing committee